Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4-3 run play

In the last post "4-3", I talked a little about basic 4-3 formation. Let's try to elaborate on how a basic 4-3 run play would work. For starters, Let's get familiar with all the positions for this particular play. The Offense is lined in an I formation (C-QB-FB-TB). TE is on the right side of the line, next to the Right Tackle thus making that side the strong side.

In a formation like this, the Defense would guess that a run play would go to the strong side. This bias will help creating the mismatch on the weak side as linebackers initial reaction would be to run to the strong side of the formation to stop the run. You can see the blocking assignments of the offensive line. The FB will run towards the weak side and try to cut the OLB and open path for TB. The QB will give the ball to the TB at 45 degree angle thus creating a stretch play.

It's not only important for the O line guys to block the D line guys but also to shed the blocks and cut the approaching linebackers. If the TB cuts the corner outside, it would be very hard for the defensive secondary to catch him. This play has potential to gain big yards.

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