Monday, July 13, 2009

America's Game

July 4th came and went. Stuck in the hot weather of Arizona, there was no way I would have sat outside and enjoyed some hot dogs and beer and celebrate birth of Amrika. Instead I saluted America with a marathon run of America's Game, all 48 episodes.

Even though I had the time and the courage to watch all 48 episodes but I ended up watching and recording only few episodes. The episodes were packers' two superbowl runs (I, II), Packers' 3rd superbowl (XXXI), Rams' only superbowl win(XXXV), Tampa Bay's well deserved victory run in superbowl XXXVI, my beloved Colts epic win in superbowl XLI and Eli finally becoming the second Manning to kill the dreams of the Darth Vader aka Bill Belichick in superbowl XLII.

Now I think about it, I should have also recorded Giants superbowl win in 1990. Bill Parcells, LT and Phill Simms did an amazing job. If someone has not watched America's Game, they are definitely missing something. It has converted skeptics into believers. Even if you are not a football fan; I can bet that you would enjoy an episode or two.

The premise of the show is taking three guys from the superbowl winning team and let them talk about their personal experience during the team's run to the superbowl, accompanied with a narration from a celebrity. Watching the narration by the players and coaches plus the game footage with NFL Films music playing in the background makes each episode a unique experience.

If you have a sense of history regarding football, you would know about the famous Packers sweep which was designed by Lomabardi and he made the players practice it over and over again. All other teams knew that the play was coming and they still could not stop the Packers from perfect execution.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience watching America' game episodes. I would recommend it anyone who has even a slight interest in football would love the series.