Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Off Season: A portal to Indian Soap Opera.

It has been a while since I last posted anything on the blog. The playing season is done but the business season which we call off season is on for sure. This NFL off season has been full of drama, just like an Indian soap opera about mother and daughter in-laws. The saga started with firing of Mike Shanahan which I have mentioned in previous posts. The owner of broncos bring Josh McDaniels, a 32 year old QA guru. Soon there are rumors that he tried to trade Jay Cutler, the franchise QB. It does not work out, Jay gets mad and we end up with 30 plus day of soap opera. Tons of finger pointing. The end result is not that suddenly Jay relazies that Josh is his lost long brother but it all ends in a bitter divorce with Jay Cutler getting shipped to the Bears and hailed as the savior of Chi town. Why did it have to end like this? why????

Personally, I disliked the trade as it gives Chicago Bears a real QB. Now they are serious threat to win the NFC North Division (packers bias). All in all, this story was the headline of the offseason. We also had Kellen Winslow Jr. going to Tampa, Redskins trying to trade Jason Campbell for Jay Cutler, Albert Haynsworth ending up in the Skins land and Jason Talyer realzing that teams don't care if you shake your pomp pomp on TV.

Draft is lurking around and I just can't wait to see the drama unflod and the J E T S fan act like bunch of overweight, rude, idiots and Philly fans booing their draft pick even though the pick will be a borderline hall of famer. That is a tradition for sure.