Thursday, April 29, 2010

NFL draft 2010, going PrimeTime

NFL thought it would be good idea to extend 2 day hiring process to 3 days and move the 1st round to Thursday in the prime time slot. I was not too sure if this would be a good idea because for years we have been enjoying draft on Saturdays. The draft Saturday was the perfect excuse to be glued to TV and enjoy some much needed football time till the games start in early September.

Never doubt NFL's marketing power. ESPN had huge ratings and people tuned in to watch the 1st round on Thursday. I had the show recorded and enjoyed it with my wife and was explaining her how the team picks and how the trade is done. Overall it was an interesting experiment but I do miss Draft weekend. Well, as long as I have the DVR, I can still enjoy the draft and pretend it is the draft weekend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Football lesson from Coach Lombardi

Found this video on you tube. Great video, Vince Lombardi explaining the fundamentals.