Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's all about the Blitzes

It's all about the Blitzes. My cousin gave me the name 'Blitz Bomber' as I would bring pressure with different packages when playing Madden '09 If you are a football fan, you would understand what I meant. I believe that Blitzing the QB is the best way to upset the rhythm of a top notch offense. Last year, when Patriots were blowing people away, I did tell people around me (who would listen to me) that if the Defensive coordinators apply blitzes, they would be able to win the game.

Eventually the prediction came true when we saw NY Giants bring an awesome blitz pacakeg and completely disrupted the Patriots offensive line. It was Steve Spagnola's scheme which he learned under the great Blitzing guru Jim Johnson's (of Philadelphia Eagles).

In my opinion, Dick Labu of Pittsburgh Steelers is the best Blitzing D-Coordinator. He has a 3-4 defense which gives him great opportunity to create pressure scheme from different angles. Seeing him dismantle QBs and the O-lines is a pleasure (btw, I am not a Steelers fan).

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